HIDOE Statewide Allocation Summit to Finalize Prioritization of Facility Master Plan for Hawaii Schools

Over the past year the Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) has engaged 24 local stakeholder committees across the state comprised of approximately 500 participants, including 100 students, to create a prioritized statewide Facility Master Plan (FMP) for Hawaii’s 260 schools.

Using the FMP’s data-driven focus and overt engagement process, DOE and community stakeholders have created and vetted nearly 1,000 ideas to identify the highest priorities and best long-term investments in every high school complex. These options include five tiers of priority and preliminary cost ranges and are sorted by District, Complex, and option number, which can be cross referenced to the Options Reports documenting detailed descriptions of the operational and capital implication, benefits and challenges, and degrees of stakeholder support.

FMP prioritization and recommended funding allocations will be analyzed and discussed during a two-day conference called the Statewide Allocation Summit on February 23 and 25, attended by DOE leadership, legislative officials, as well as staff, student, and community representatives from stakeholder committees totaling more than 50 people across the state. This summit builds on an unprecedented base of public awareness of the HIDOE’s challenges.

Activities include a student panel discussion, small and large group discussions, live electronic polling, legislator engagements, and a thought-wall gallery walk based on the Options Reports. These activities will help to build consensus on levels of investments, define goals for successful project implementation, and build momentum for tangible results.

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