Members of the Hawaii Northwest Island Stakeholders Advisory Committee (SAC) — composed of students, parents, teachers, community, business and higher-education leaders – in collaboration with the Executive Planning Committee (EPC) met in August and September to determine the present and future needs of the district’s students. The EPC determines multiple ways to achieve the district’s long-range goals. Each of these scenarios were reviewed and vetted by members of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee composed of students; parents; teachers; community and business community members, as well as higher-education institutions.

Data gathered on the schools, based on their current and projected enrollment, were presented. Given the greatest needs, the group discussed and reviewed the various Facilities Options presented, which include building multi-story classrooms, plans for a performing arts and student center, classroom renovations, new buildings, historic renovations, additions, locally determined enhancements, repairs and maintenance.

“I wish all of my classes were like the STEM academy where the lessons are interactive and project-based with real-world application, not just ‘read the book and take a test’,” said one high school student.

Group discussions revealed strong stakeholder support for moving a Hawaiian Immersion Program to a new permanent building, which will provide the program its own campus with modern facilities, create elementary programs with larger enrollment, relieve overcrowding while providing consolidated, collaborative space for administration. This will create sustainable elementary programs, relieve overcrowding and provide new, flexible learning environments.

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