Stakeholder Advisory Committees (SACs) across Hawaii are gathering to review the facility options proposed as part of the Hawaii DOE Facility Master Plan (FMP). The facility options, which the Executive Planning Committees (EPCs) proposed as a result of their two-day workshops, represent ways for Hawaii DOE to achieve its local goals in the next 10 years through facility and operational changes. 

SACs are comprised of students, parents, teachers, community members, members of the business community, and higher education representatives, forming cross-sections of local school communities. There are 14 SACs total, including four on Oahu, four on Hawaii, three on Maui, and one each on Kauai, Molokai, and Lanai. The unique perspectives and voices of the individual SAC members are crucial to charting a path forward that meets the needs and values of the community. 

Each SAC will meet four to five times to review enrollment and facilities data. SACs will work in small groups to vet the operational scenarios and facility options that the corresponding EPCs developed. As co-authors of the FMP, SAC members are empowered to suggest edits and changes to the options, and even offer completely new scenarios for the EPCs’ consideration. 

In order to facilitate open discussion and measure each SAC’s level of support or opposition to ideas, third-party facilitators are using cutting-edge, real-time polling and survey technologies. 

SAC review and input of facility options marks an important milestone in the Hawaii DOE FMP. In the coming meetings and reviews, community members will join together to influence the future of Hawaii DOE. The goal of the FMP is to better serve the communities comprising Hawaii DOE, and Hawaii DOE is thrilled to garner feedback and ideas directly from the communities it serves. 

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