With the Facility Master Plan well underway, the Executive Planning Committees (EPCs) representing internal leadership for each Hawaiian’s island are convening for interractive kickoff sessions focused on local goals and values that will serve as the foundation of facilities planning workshops to come.

EPC members are working in small groups and as a whole to envision the student experience in 40 years, and to identify the types of programs, policies, partnerships, and facilities that will best support this vision.

“We don’t know what students will be doing in 40 years, but we do know that there will always be value in kids sharing what they do in front of an audience.”
-Maui Island Principal

“Sometimes it doesn’t take money to get something done; it just takes guts.”
-Kona-area Principal

The DOE Facilities Development Branch worked in close consultation with all Complex Area Superintendents to organize the EPCs, comprised of District leadership, principals representing all complexes and grade levels, and DOE facilities staff.  The EPC’s role is to align student and facilities data with the DOE Strategic Plan vision and goals to develop Facility Options.  These Options will be vetted by Stakeholder Advisory Committees (SACs) representing local communities across the State.  The SACs are being assembled in close consultation with the CAS offices and school leaders, and will be comprised of students, parents, teachers, community members, higher education institutions, and local business and industry leaders.  The EPCs will reconvene to digest SAC input and develop a prioritized plan for their respective Islands, and these will be combined into a statewide Facility Master Plan based on data, equity, community priorities, and District values.

This FMP process is an adaptation of proven best practices, tailored to match DOE’s unique cultures, values, and geographies.  Please check the FMP Calendar to stay updated on upcoming FMP activities.

A huge mahalo is owed to all EPC and SAC members who are sharing their knowledge, perspectives, passions, and focus on students to achieve excellence!


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